gives you all the help you need to find out what the true cost of shipping a car to St. Paul and the surrounding area will be.
For anyone shipping a car to St. Paul, it’s important to understand the entire process, as well as the real cost of shipping a car. This can be hard to do, particularly if your knowledge only stems from advertisements and slick marketing campaigns. In some instances, the cost of shipping your vehicle to the city can be much higher than what the company is advertising. There are a few things that you can do to ensure that you save as much money as possible, though.
Look Beyond the Sale Price
If you’re considering having your vehicle shipped to St. Paul, you’re going to have to look beyond the sale price. Understand that the price quoted on most marketing materials is a base price to which other charges will be added. What other charges might those include? There’s a whole slew of potential charges that can really make the cost of shipping a car jump up. These include:
Enclosed Shipping – Most advertised shipping rates are based on using open carriers. Switching to an enclosed car carrier can increase your costs considerably. In most instances, you’ll find that enclosed carriers are a needless expense, though they are important for high-value vehicles.
Shipper Insurance – If you choose to buy insurance from the car transport company, you can expect to see the cost of shipping a car increase a good bit. While insurance is important to have, your auto insurer might be a better source of protection.
No Leeway – Shipping rates are usually based on a flexible delivery schedule. Car shipping companies require time to fill their carriers and maximize profit for each trip. Running a trip with the carrier only half full will result in higher costs for each customer. If you need fast shipping, it’s better to drop your car off as early as possible rather than try to get the process expedited.
Choose the Right Company
Another important tip for saving on the real cost of shipping a car is to make sure you’re working with a reputable company who puts their customers first. Disreputable companies will overcharge and under deliver – protect yourself by working with a quality firm. can help you find the highest quality shipping company available.