Maintaining the privacy of our users is of utmost concern for us at Transport Read this if you want to learn more about the information we collect and how this information is used, as well as how your information is protected.

Collected Information is like many other websites, and we collect information about people who visit our site on a consistent basis. This information is non-specific to the person who visits, and it can include things like IP addresses, browser information, zip codes, and the time that a visit occurs. This information is used to make the site better and more accessible to our visitors.

Personal Information

In order to provide our customers with the services that are requested (ie: moving quotes) we collect a certain amount of personal information. This information contains items such as email addresses, names, cities, and relocation information. We take your trust seriously, and we will never sell, rent out, exchange, or disclose any personal information that we collect unless you provide us with express written consent. The only exception to this is when information is given to companies who provide the services that you seek, in order to give you an accurate price estimate for your move. will not accept any responsibility or liability associated to websites that are not owned or written by You should always look over and review the privacy policies for these other sites, even if they link from This includes any third party companies that we may work with or provide you information for.

The third parties that we do release your information to, for the purposes of obtaining a price estimate for your move, are not ever permitted to use your personal information for their own purposes. All information that is granted in this situation remains the sole property of

Security safeguards your information by abiding by strict, law abiding guidelines for information protection. This can include any safeguards possible such as electronic, physical, or practical methods. We will always strive to use the highest level of protection granted by the technology available to us today. Please keep in mind that no method of online transmission is totally safe.

Children will never knowingly collect any information from those who are under the age of 13. Anyone under this age should not attempt to provide information to

Legal Disclaimers

When the law requires, may disclose information when it is necessary to protect the rights of the website. Information will also be disclosed in compliance with any legal proceedings as needed.

Policy Changes maintains the rights to the website and anything included therein. This means that we can change this policy at any time. While we will make an attempt to inform our users of these changes, we do encourage users to review the privacy policy regularly so that changes can be made apparent to all.