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Whether you’re moving into Bethlehem, Pennsylvania or out of the area, you’re going to need a good understanding of vehicle shipping rates if you want to enjoy all the convenience and benefits offered by auto transport. Thankfully, the components in those rates are easily identified, allowing you to make an informed choice in the service provider that you use. Here’s what you need to know:
1. Enclosed Shipping Costs More
Your first instinct might be to go with an enclosed car carrier. It makes sense – they provide quite a bit of protection from the elements, as well as dirt, dust and debris. However, they’re also the most expensive option you can choose. If you want to save money, the place to start is by opting for an open car carrier. Of course, that won’t be the ideal solution for everyone. If you have a car that must be protected (luxury cars, vintage cars and high-end sports cars for example), you will need to pay for enclosed shipping.
2. Speed Affects Price
Another factor in determining vehicle shipping rates to and from Bethlehem, PA, is the speed with which you need your car shipped. If you have time and flexibility, you’ll find that you can get much lower rates. If you need expedited shipping and have a hard delivery date that can’t be adjusted, you’re going to pay more. Perhaps the best tip for anyone who needs their car delivered on or before a certain date is to plan ahead and drop your car off as early as possible. That way, you pay the lowest amount and avoid high fees for expedited shipping.
3. Additional Niceties Ramp Up Charges
While taking advantage of convenience services can be nice, it can also increase the vehicle shipping rates you’re charged. Home pickup and delivery are the best examples of these convenience services, but there are others that you really don’t have to have. Cut them out of your contract and you can reduce the rate you have to pay.
Using the tools and features here at can help you find the most reputable companies offering the most reasonable vehicle shipping rates. Come find out just how simple shipping your car can really be.