Most people will never have to hire a vehicle transport service to ship their vehicle from one location to another. Because of this the average person doesn’t really understand how the vehicle transportation industry operates. In case you ever have to ship your car sometime, or if you are thinking about shipping a vehicle now, here is some information regarding the types of paperwork you will need to ship a vehicle.

Do You Have to Provide Your Title, Proof of Insurance or Other Paperwork?

The answer to this question is no. The auto shipping company will not need to see these types of paperwork. You are considered the owner of the vehicle and you will sign the contract as such, so it is not necessary for you to provide a title. As for insurance, it is not required for your vehicle to be insured for a transportation company to ship it. It is however, highly recommended that your vehicle be fully insured, just in case anything was to happen to it while it is being shipped. It is a good idea to double check your car’s insurance policy before you hand it over to the shipping company to make sure that it is covered for shipping. If it is not covered you might want to speak with your insurance agent before you ship it. If you do not have insurance you may be liable for any damaged caused by the shipping company, although such damage is very rare.

Do You Need Any Paperwork?

The shipping company will provide you with some paperwork. Typically they will give you what is known as Bill of Lading. This may also be called an Original Inspection Report. This document will be presented to you when the company picks up your vehicle and it is very important that you check it. The document should show the current condition of your vehicle, its current mileage and the dates that it will be picked up and dropped off. You and the company will want to inspect your vehicle prior to it leaving to take note of any scratches, dents or other problems.
This document will help protect you in case anything happens to the car during the transportation process. Make sure to keep a copy of it for yourself. When you pick up the car go over the document and re-inspect the car for new damages. Be sure to have the driver sign the document to prove that specific damage occurred.