Moving is a stressful process, whether you’re moving across town or from New York to Los Angeles. However, there are ways to make it simpler and less stressful – one of those is to use an auto shipping company to help you get your vehicles from one point to another. To do this successfully, you need to compare auto shipping estimates from different companies, with an eye toward the vehicles that they ship.

Why Compare Shipping Capabilities?
It’s entirely possible that you have more than one vehicle that needs to be shipped, and even that you have more than one type of vehicle that requires transportation service. For instance, you might have a car and a small boat, or a truck and a motorcycle. You might even have an RV, a tractor or something else – the sky’s really the limit when it comes to vehicle types in need of shipping. The problem is that not all shipping companies can provide service for all vehicle types. That makes comparing your options very important.
You wouldn’t want to ship a high-end performance vehicle through a company that specialized in standard consumer automobiles, for instance. Low-slung cars need special loading systems to avoid damaging the undercarriage, body panels and sensitive equipment. Specialized auto transport companies are required to get your car loaded and unloaded safely. Don’t take risks here – get auto shipping estimates from companies capable of transporting your car.
Price Differences
Another reason to compare auto shipping estimates from different companies is because their prices will vary. One company might charge one amount to take your RV from NYC to Los Angeles or Malibu, but another one might offer lower pricing with better service. If you want to make an informed decision regarding your shipping needs, it’s vital that you compare quotes.
Service Differences
Yet another reason to compare auto shipping estimates is to determine what services are being offered for the price. For instance, does the company offer door-to-door service in the estimate? Does another company offer the same price, but require that you drop off and pick up your vehicle on your own? The level of services provided varies considerably from one shipper to another, so it’s very important to compare apples to apples.
With these tips, you should be able to compare auto shipping estimates, services provided and transport capabilities to determine which shipper is right for you.