A checklist is a helpful list of tasks that are associated with a given event. Moving is often complex, and thus, a checklist can greatly reduce your stress and allow you to have an easier move with less hassle. Car shipping, as part of a move, is another complex task. Building a moving checklist for these mini events, or specific aspects of moving is always helpful. Remember, certain things must get done before you will be ready to call the move complete, or release your vehicle to the car shipping company. Here are the five most important things to include on your moving checklist.

1. Car Inspection – Most auto hauling companies will require your vehicle to have passed a special pre-transport inspection before they will allow it on the transport vehicle. The inspection will look at the car and determine if there are leaks or other problems that might cause damage or problems with other vehicles on the transport. It will also document the condition of the vehicle so that damage is the complete responsibility of the shipping company. Make sure to choose a reputable mechanic when you seek an inspection for this purpose.

2. Documentation – All auto shipping companies will require that you have the right paperwork before they load your vehicle on the truck or transport. This means the inspection, as well as any damage documentation, insurance paperwork, and other papers that you might be required to have, especially if you are crossing state or country lines.

3. Cleaning it out – Cars that are being transported cannot be loaded with extra stuff. Keep in mind that your vehicle and the charges associated with transporting it will depend on the weight of the vehicle. If you load it with stuff, not only will that stuff not be covered under any insurance policy that you have, but it will also make the cost of the transport go up. It is best to clean the vehicle out and run the gas tank down as far as you can.

4. Insurance – No matter which company you choose to go with, insurance is a vital aspect of transport company services. There is always the possibility of an accident, and you need to be able to recover in the event that something happens in transit. Insurance can cover the loss of the vehicle, or, if something should go wrong, any damage that your vehicle causes to other vehicles. Keep in mind that your vehicle is an important and large investment. You need to have protection in case something goes wrong.

5. Meeting the Company – There are many different companies out there. Whether you choose to request a number of vehicle shipping rate estimates, or contact a shipping company directly, you need to know about the company before you release your vehicle to them. Do not be afraid to ask questions when you are moving with such services. Make sure that you speak with multiple representatives before you make the final choice of which company that you will hire for the important task of relocating your cars.