New Jersey Auto Transport Companies

If you aren’t keen on driving your vehicle long distances or you simply don’t have the means to do so there are a variety of auto transport companies that operate out of New Jersey. We’ve teamed up with some of the best auto transport companies around to offer competitive pricing, free shipping quotes, and reliable and safe delivery.

Getting Cheap Car Shipping Rates to New Jersey without Being Burned helps you find the cheap car shipping rates you need and the high quality carrier that you want.
Car shipping is an important solution for people moving or businesses relocating to New Jersey. However, finding cheap car shipping rates isn’t necessarily as easy as it sounds. If you go into the search unarmed and uninformed, you might fall victim to one of the less scrupulous companies out there, or even become the victim of fraud. Knowing what to look for in a quality company will help ensure that you get the shipping service you need, a price you can afford and avoid being “taken for a ride” at the same time.


One of the first things you should look for when finding a company offering cheap car shipping rates to New Jersey is current licensing. Having a valid license shows that the company is on the up and up, and is approved by the government to operate a car shipping business. You should also make sure that the company carries insurance for your protection (this isn’t the same thing as insuring your car during transport).


You need to ensure that the shipping company you choose insists on a full, documented inspection of your vehicle before you leave it with them. Cheap car shipping rates should never mitigate safety and industry best practices, and documenting the condition of your car beforehand falls into both categories. You and a company representative need to walk around your car and document any existing damage before you hand over the keys. Then, you should do the same thing when the vehicle arrives at your new location, using the original document as a reference. This ensures that your car is in the same condition it was when you dropped it off.
Speak with the Company First
Once you’ve narrowed down your list of companies offering cheap car shipping rates, you need to make an appointment to speak with a representative personally. Having a sit down conference allows you to ask any questions and get clarification on everything. Make sure you get any promises or guarantees in writing as well. As a note, if the company representative hedges or tries to avoid answering your questions, it’s time to find a new service provider. can help you find cheap car shipping rates without the fear of working with a low quality company.

Dependable Auto Transport Companies – Here in New Jersey

While large auto shippers may operate all over the nation, New Jersey is home to several smaller firms that get the job done. Support your local businesses by using a reliable and dependable New Jersey auto shipper.

New Jersey’s auto shippers use dependable, state-of-the-art car top carriers to ensure that your vehicle arrives at its destination unharmed and undamaged. That’s why we’ve partnered with the best New Jersey auto transport companies- we know that you want reliability and the reassurance that your vehicle is being well cared for.

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Useful Auto Transport Informational Links

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