gives you the ability to choose the right company and the best vehicle transport rates or your Denver move.
The Mile High City is an amazing place – between the amazing wealth of outdoor exploration options and the tremendous number of things to see and do in town, it’s a great place to live. If you’re planning a move to Denver, you’ll need to make sure that the entire process goes smoothly from the very beginning. For those planning to use a car shipping service, understanding vehicle shipping rates is the place to start.
More Protection Equates to Higher Rates
Understand that vehicle shipping rates aren’t the same across the board. In addition to variances with individual companies, you’ll also pay more depending on the level of protection you choose. For example, if you opt to use a covered car carrier, you’re going to pay more than what you would if you chose an open carrier. The higher the level of protection, the more money you’re going to have to spend. Of course, depending on the type of vehicle you’re shipping, you might need the utmost in protection. Still, protecting your investment from the elements is an important consideration, particularly if you have an expensive vehicle, so choose the service that best fits your specific situation.
Direct Shipping Costs More
You will also find that higher vehicle shipping rates are applied when you want your car to go directly to your destination, or when you have only a very small window for shipping. Most auto shipping companies wait to haul any vehicles until they can take a full load, and then they follow a rather indirect route to their ultimate destination. Direct, expedited shipping can cost more simply because the company is essentially taking a financial loss by offering the service to begin with. You should also understand that most car shipping companies don’t offer a fixed date for delivery – you’ll have to agree to a specific date range.
Distance Makes a Difference
Finally, understand that the difference your car has to travel will make a difference in the vehicle shipping rates you’re quoted. If you only have to go a few hundred miles, your costs might only be a few hundred dollars. If your car needs to be shipped several thousand miles, you can expect to pay more. Most companies also have a minimum charge that’s applied regardless of distance, so you’re going to pay a specific amount even if you’re only going a few miles. makes finding the best vehicle shipping rates simple, easy and painless for everyone.