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Residents of St. Petersburg, Florida and those making a move to this lovely city in need of vehicle transport services need to understand several factors about auto shipping rates. Many consumers are under the impression that vehicle shipping is inordinately expensive, but that’s really not the case, particularly if you take the time to find a reputable company and shop smart. Here are a few helpful tips to ensure you make the best decision.
Shipping vs. Driving
Most consumers think that St. Petersburg auto shipping rates are higher than the costs they would incur if they were to drive the vehicle themselves. In a way, they’re correct. Shipping costs can seem high, but only if you’re not looking at the entire picture. Many people make the mistake of only looking at the cost of fuel (though that’s become incredibly expensive on its own). However, you also have to factor in other elements, including the wear and tear on your vehicle, the time required to make the drive, the cost of staying in a hotel during a multi-day trip as opposed to flying to St. Petersburg and more.
When compared to these factors, auto shipping rates to St. Petersburg can seem downright affordable. You’ll pay only for having your vehicle moved from point A to point B, and won’t have to worry about any other costs, time consumption or inconvenience. In fact, it frees you up to make the trip faster on your own by taking a plane.
Don’t Get Taken for a Ride
Another important consideration for those moving to or living in St. Petersburg and in need of vehicle shipping is to shop smart. While there are numerous car transport services out there, they’re far from being identical. It’s important that you take the time to compare different companies, find out what’s included with each provider, determine what extras you can opt out of and choose a provider that fits your budget as well as your delivery schedule.
Many providers will try to convince you to buy additional services or protection at a premium. Be smart and make sure you actually need those extras before you sign on the dotted line. offers you an easy, simple way to find the best auto shipping rates to and from St. Petersburg – find out how easy it can be!