can help you find ways to save on auto shipping costs to get your vehicles to Erie, Pennsylvania safely and easily.
For businesses on the move, getting company vehicles from one location to another can be time consuming, expensive and very frustrating. The more vehicles you need to move, the greater your hassle will be. Thankfully, you can use car shipping companies to reduce your hassle, and you can also find ways to reduce auto shipping rates to Erie, Pennsylvania. What should business owners know? Here’s a look at how things stand.
Multiple Cars
While you might think that having several company vehicles that need to be shipped is a liability, it’s actually a blessing. Most auto transport companies provide multiple vehicle discounts, which ensures that you pay less for each vehicle than if you only had one or two cars that needed to be transported. Shipping companies are happy to provide lower rates for bulk transportation needs, as it ensures that they have a full load faster than would otherwise be possible.
No Site Delivery
While you will enjoy greater convenience if the transport company delivers your vehicles directly to your new location, you can save money by opting out of this service. By arranging to have your employees pick up the vehicles from the local hub, you save on transportation fees. However, the money you save by shipping in bulk might actually offset the costs of delivery, making it more financially feasible.
Arrange Service Early
If you really want to save some money on auto shipping rates, arrange for service as far ahead of time as possible. Chances are good your move will be planned months in advance so that you can easily get into your new business location without too much interruption. As soon as you know you’ll be moving, arrange for a transport company to handle your corporate vehicles. By planning early, you can take advantage of reduced rates, particularly when compared to waiting until the last minute.
The most important tip for businesses seeking to save on auto shipping rates is to shop around for the right service provider. gives you the means to compare services and rates offered by different companies in Pennsylvania and find the one that works best for your specific situation. It’s never been simpler to save on shipping your corporate vehicles.