Ten Useful Iphone Apps for Your Car

Owning a car is not just for the rich and famous. While we might not see a Porche every day, there are thousands of different vehicles that normal, down to earth people can choose from and enjoy. While sitting in traffic, hiring an auto transport company, or driving long distances with children might not be the most fun you have ever had in a vehicle, there are other ways of enjoying your vehicle.

To make ownership even more fun, we have turned our eyes to some of the more innovative parts of technology these days, including both free and paid apps for the iPhone and iPad. From games to utility programs that can help you avoid car shipping scams, these apps can make owning a car and driving a car just a little bit more fun.

If you are interested in any of these apps, simply go to the Apple iTunes store. Keep in mind though, functionality of these apps outside of the United States is not guaranteed.

1. Traffic Report: Perhaps one of the most annoying parts of driving these days is the heavy traffic that you have to get through to get where you are going. With this handy app, written and designed by Joel Rodriguez, you can avoid traffic hold ups and problems. Simply enter a zip code and you will receive a report that includes accidents, areas of heavy traffic, and reports of construction or road blocks.

2. Search Cars for Sale: Written and designed by Zimin Computer Services, this handy app helps you find the car that you want in your area. It is simple to use and can search cars in any area of the country. Simply put in a make or model, as well as a state or city, and the app will search thousands of cars for sale in order to return a report to you with vehicles that meet your criteria.

3. MPG Calculator: This handy little app helps drivers keep track of the miles they drive and how efficient the vehicle is with fuel. By imputing just a few simple numbers, including the odometer reading on your vehicle, the app is able to calculate multiple things such as the maximum range of the vehicle and the cost per distance that you will end up paying.

4. Car Maintenance: Traxx Software has come out with a very helpful app that helps car owners keep track of the maintenance that they need and the maintenance that they have completed on their vehicles. You can include such maintenance as oil changes, tire rotation, and even mileage.

5. The Car Connection: The car connection is an app written and designed by a company called High Gear Media, and it provides news, pictures, and reviews of all things related to cars and the auto industry as a whole. You can research new vehicles, or learn about the one that you already have, when you use this app.

6. Local Gas Prices: With fuel costs being as they are, it is important to make every cent count. That is just what this app is designed to do. It is simple to use; all you do is put in your zip code and allow the app to search local gas stations. It returns to you a map with a few stations that are close by, along with the prices that those stations are currently charging for fuel.

7. Think Racer: Looking for a way to get away for just a minute? Get this app and jump into the driver’s seat of your own race car. Under Clouds Games has come up with this handy app that lets you race from the comfort of your own iPhone or iPad.

8. Trapster: Avoid costly speeding tickets by avoiding the camera’s and police officers who issue them. By using social media, this app updates as users input data. See a speed trap? Note it on Trapster and let everyone else know where it is. While the app is totally legal and could save you from getting a ticket, you should avoid speeding anyways.

9. Car Spotter: Ever forget where you parked your vehicle? If you have, then this is the app for you! Using modern technology such as GPS and voice loggers, Car Spotter is able to tell you where you left your vehicle, as long as you remember to use it.

10. Carticipate: More and more people are carpooling these days because it really is a money saver. Now you can connect with other people in your local area that want to carpool as well. This app can help individuals plan and coordinate driving plans so that you can get the most out of the money you spend on gasoline.