While the car shipping process is generally safe, the winter months can make it slightly more difficult. As your car is being shipped it will be exposed to all of the elements, including freezing conditions and snow. A few preparations before you drop your car off for shipping can go a long way towards helping make sure that nothing bad happens to it during the shipping process. These preparations are easy to make.
Make Sure It Runs Wells
It is a good idea to fix any problems with the car to make sure that it runs well. This is because the car will have to be driven in order to get it onto and off of the auto transport carrier. If the car stalls or has difficulties starting then there could be problems during the shipping process. This includes the battery. Batteries can die much quicker in cold weather, so it is a good idea to make sure that your car’s battery has a full charge and that none of the terminals are corroded.
Check for Fluid Leaks
Fluid leaks can damage both your car and the other cars being transported. If your car is on the top rack of the carrier and it leaks fluids the cars below it could be damaged. Also, if any of your fluids leak out during freezing temperatures it could permanently damage your fluid lines or other major parts of your vehicle’s components. Check all of your fluid levels. This can include your power steering, antifreeze, transmission, oil and break fluids.
Wash and Wax the Exterior
By removing all of the dirt on the exterior of the car and putting on a fresh coat of wax you will be protecting your paint from road debris and other weather-related damage. Pay attention to the undersides of the car as well as the wheel wells.
Put Premium Gas In
Premium gas is better suited for colder weather. This is especially true for the shipping process because your car may have to sit in colder weather for several days without being driven. Low quality gas can lead to freezing and can damage your fuel lines. If they freeze or burst you could seriously damage both your car and the other cars on the carrier.
Preparing your car for winter shipping will help ensure that it arrives in the same condition you dropped it off in. You can also opt for an enclosed auto car carrier if you are worried about damage to your vehicle.