Ever hired a company, such as an auto transport company, to transport something for you? A lot of people and businesses do such things each year, especially for vehicles. In fact, car shipping and auto transport represent one of the largest market sectors in the transportation industry today. From small packages that are send in the mail, to large transports that take homes to their new plots of land, there is no end to the things that you can transport. And now, A&E have cashed in on this fact. The broadcaster brings the reality of the shipping industry to the main screen by putting six independent shipping companies to the test on camera in the reality television series ‘Shipping Wars’.

A New Perspective

Shipping Wars is the real world story that is weaved when independent shippers are given the chance to bid on jobs through UShip – a company who provides a safe auction house for independent truckers. By bidding in a reverse auction format, these independents can locate jobs that they want to take and find work, though sometimes the work isn’t quite what they thought it might be. For the television show, the six shippers who are involved are tasked with shipping some of the strangest things known; and they have to complete the task while under the pressure of the consumer as well as the television cameras that are all around them. Their trials and tribulations are documented for the thousands of people who tune into the show when it airs, but so too are their successes.

The Inside Scoop

One thing that this new reality television show provides us with is an inside look at just how the shipping industry operates. Most of us don’t have a clue how things work on the inside. For that reason, we often find ourselves having to deal with less than desirable companies and scam movers who are able to pull the wool over our eyes in order to make that extra buck. With the advent of reality television, however, shows like Shipping Wars are going to inevitably empower consumers to make better decisions. By taking a quick look inside the way that these things work, consumers know what to watch out for the next time they need to call on a car shipping company to handle the movement of a vehicle, or a moving company to handle the transport of household or business goods.

Watch and Learn

While the show is relatively new, Shipping Wars has plenty of stuff to offer the audience. From knowledge about the process to the inside glimpse within the industry, there really is no telling just what people are getting from it. At the same time, we are also seeing the incidence of moving scams falling, so perhaps if we saw more shows like this one, we could eliminate problems and make many aspects of our world transparent. Sound interesting to you? Check your local cable listings to find out just when the show is airing in your area. Perhaps you will be able to walk away from the experience with a little bit of knowledge into an industry that you may soon be using.