Whether you’re moving to Phoenix or out of the city, TransportCompanies.com gives you the simple, powerful tools needed to find the best deal on auto transport rates.
The city of Phoenix, Arizona has become a popular destination for people from all over the country thanks to its lack of humidity and laid back atmosphere. Of course, moving to the city (or out of the city) isn’t as simple as you might think, particularly if your family has more than one vehicle. How do you plan to move all of your household belongings and each of your vehicles at the same time? The answer is to work with a car shipping company, but you need to know more about auto transport rates before you dive in headfirst.
Shop Early
One of the first things you should do in order to save as much as possible with auto transport rates is to shop early. Most shipping companies have a shipping date range – a flexible schedule that allows them to take vehicles to multiple destinations on the same trip. The earlier you speak with a carrier, the sooner you can get your vehicle lined up for shipping. It might also make a big difference in when your vehicle is delivered. If you can get signed up for an earlier shipping slot, your car might be waiting for you when you arrive in Phoenix.
Shop Smart
Don’t immediately sign up with the first or second car shipping company you consider. Companies differ significantly from one to another. It’s important that you take the necessary time to compare several companies. You need to look at more than just the auto transport rates offered, though. You should compare the companies’ reputations, their service offerings, the type of transport on offer (open or closed) and possibly even their ratings with the Better Business Bureau to ensure that you’re getting a service provider who really cares about their customers.
Car Storage?
You should also consider whether or not the car carriers you’re looking at offer any type of car storage. Many carriers will store your vehicle at their hub for a specific number of days as part of your initial agreement. However, you might find that you need to store it for a longer period. This can increase convenience, but can also equate to higher auto transport rates.
Working with TransportCompanies.com helps you find and compare the best rates from the top auto shipping companies in the country.