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If you’re planning a move to New York City, chances are good you’re both excited and a little worried. The Big Apple is an amazing place to live, but if this is your first experience living in an urban area like this, there are some considerations that you need to make. For example, depending on where you live in town, you will find that parking is only available at a cost. For those who don’t need to use their car immediately after arrival, that cost can be avoided by using New York auto shipping companies. Of course, there are other considerations here as well.
If you won’t need your vehicle as soon as you get to the city (and many residents don’t use their own cars at all), you’ll find that paying for parking or storage is a considerable expense. Working with New York City auto shipping companies can ensure that you don’t have to pay out of pocket for parking until you actually need your car. You just need to arrange for the company to deliver your vehicle at a later date.
Covered or Open
Of course, convenient delivery options are just one thing you’ll need to consider. You will also need to check out the types of transport on offer from different New York City auto shipping companies. There are two primary types – open and covered shipping. Open shipping involves your vehicle being transported on the back of an open hauler trailer. Covered shipping involves transporting your vehicle inside and enclosed trailer. As a note, covered shipping is usually more expensive, but it’s ideal for vintage vehicles, luxury vehicles and any other car, truck or SUV that needs to be protected from the elements during transport.
Delivery Location
Most New York City auto shipping companies don’t deliver right to your door. They drop their vehicles off at a central location. You need to find out where that location is and how hard it will be for you to reach it on delivery day. Choose a company that’s easy to get to so you don’t have to go through a lot of hassles just to pick up your car.
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