You must hire the services of a good auto-shipper if you want your car to be shipped in the best condition possible. The basic function of an auto-shipper or the auto-transporter is to pick up your car and load it onto a truck in order to deliver it to your destination.

Let us check some of the steps that you could take to ensure that your vehicle is auto-shipped to your satisfaction.

1 Getting your vehicle ready for car shipping– Make sure that you wash your vehicle and keep it squeaky clean for inspection. You should deactivate the alarm system so that it does not eat into the battery life.

Make sure that the gas tank is not more than a third full. Fuel weights a lot, so you can save quite a bit of money by making sure that the tank is nearly empty. The less that the vehicle weights during the shipping process, the cheaper the cost of the car moving companies.

You could either remove or secure any loose parts or frills in your vehicle like fog lights, antennae, spoilers, and anything else that protrudes from the vehicle. Make sure that the battery condition is fine and there are no leaks.

Also ensure that the radiator has high enough levels of fresh antifreeze. The vehicle should be devoid of personal items so that you need not worry about your belongings while the vehicle is being transported.

2 Vehicle Inspections -See that the bill of lading is signed by both you and the car shipping driver. The Bill of lading contains the information about the status of the car before the car before the movement begins. It must be signed by you and the auto transport companies driver before you load you car in the transport vehicle.

On reaching the destination, there is a delivery Bill of Lading which is to be signed by both parties. Make sure to note any damage on the Bill of Lading and make the driver aware of it as well. If there is a damage noted, you file a claim within two weeks of delivery. This is where a car insurance policy comes in handy.

3 Legality: Go through the Terms and Conditions before you place your car transport order with any company. Be sure that everything in the document is transparent and you fully understand what it means. Do not hesitate to ask questions before you hire the company. If they do not offer satisfactory answers, move on to a different choice.

4 Estimated pick up and delivery time: If any company tells you that they would pick or deliver your vehicle on an exact date and at a particular time, then you could be in for a shock. Due to the state relaxation and inspections on vehicle transportation and stringent safety laws on auto shipping by the Department of Transportation, the exact pick-ups and deliveries cannot be guaranteed. It would be a sincere endeavor from the auto transport company to give you the service on the date you desired, though this would not be the norm due to uncontrollable circumstances.

If the door to door delivery and pick up is not possible, due to the area constraint or any other reason, then you could arrange with an auto-shipper to have your vehicle picked up at an appropriate place and at a designated time. All you have to do is fill the information online about your car type, destination and the place of origin to get free quotes from the best transport companies in your area. You are sure to find some great deals on the services that fit your needs the best.

Simply fill in the short form above to get these instant quotes, and see just how much money you can save when companies are competing for your business.

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