Moving and the Rising Price of Fuel

The Obama administration and the International Energy Agency released 60 million barrels of oil in an attempt to bring gas prices down just a month ago, yet gas prices are continuing to rise worldwide. Though a short lived dip in costs was seen, the lower cost gasoline didn’t last very long and now, consumers are still paying almost four dollars per gallon of gas. Though the short term dip was welcomed by consumers, many others are asking questions as to whether it was really worth it and if another release will be forthcoming.

Sources from the Obama administration say that the government and the IEA are both reviewing the impact of the release before any future releases are decided on. And while legislators are seeing signs that another release is imminent, fears of the unresolved debt ceiling are wrecking havoc on the prices of everything, including fuels.

Combating the Rising Costs of Gas

The cost of fuel is getting to be outrageous, which is why so many people are turning to auto transport to handle the transport of vehicles from one state to another. Long distance driving can become quite expensive very quickly. As such, hiring a company to carry your vehicle from your home to your destination only makes sense. Not only does it save on wear and tear that is put on the vehicle, but it is also a big help in cutting fuel costs.

Choosing the Best Car Shipping Company

Considering moving a vehicle over a long distance? Hiring a car shipper is the right choice for you, but do you know which company you are going to hire? There are tons of different car shipping companies on the market these days, and with all the moving scams being reported, it can be hard to pick one that will treat your vehicle well throughout the trip. Thus, it is important to remember these simple steps when you are looking for and hiring an auto transport company.

  • Research your options to move your car safely. There are plenty of companies out there, so contact a few of them, get price quotes, and see who offers the best deal for the services that you need.
  • Always ask about licenses. Companies who operate without the proper license can be problematic or simply a scam, so protect yourself by avoiding these companies altogether.
  • Document everything. Make sure to walk around your vehicle and document any existing damage so that you can claim any new damage when you get your vehicle delivered.
  • Get insurance. Never allow your vehicle to be transported without enough insurance to cover the total cost of the vehicle.

Let Help You!

Gas prices may be skyrocketing, but there are some ways that you can reduce this impact on you and your family. If you are considering a move, or you simply need to get your vehicle to another location, save hundreds on gas costs and hire a car shipper to tackle the job for you. Search TransportCompanies and get the quotes you want from only the best, pre-screened companies in the industry today.