provides you with the information and tools necessary to save on car shipping rates to Oakland and other cities in California.
Moving is an expensive process and you need to know how to save cash wherever possible. There’s good news – if you thought that auto shipping companies were out of your price range, you’ll find a variety of ways to cut down on car shipping rates to Oakland, California without sacrificing quality, service or timely delivery. What do you need to know? Here are some excellent ways to reduce the price you have to pay.
Needless Services
You’ll find that many shipping companies offer a wide range of services designed to make your life easier. However, they’re not really necessary. If you really want to save money on car shipping rates, find out what services you can opt out of. Sit down with the company representative and determine what services are necessary and which ones are extraneous expenses. You might be surprised at just how much money you can save in this one area alone.
Open Transport
You’ll find that the auto shipping company you’re working with offers two types of transport. There are enclosed car carriers and open carriers. Of the two, enclosed carriers are the more expensive option. If you don’t need robust protection from the elements, opt out of this needless cost. Open carriers are quite capable of getting your vehicle to Oakland in good shape – you’ll just need to wash it once you pick it up. Enclosed carriers are good options for vintage vehicles and high-end luxury cars, but not really the best choice for the average vehicle or customer on a tight budget.
Flexible Delivery
Another important consideration when trying to save on auto shipping costs is your delivery date. If you have to have your vehicle in town by a specific date, plan far ahead. You’ll find that auto transport companies charge more for expedited service. However, if you have plenty of flexibility and can wait until the carrier has a full load, you’ll get a lower price on your shipping. Drop off your vehicle and let the carrier send it on when they have enough vehicles to fill up the carrier and you might be surprised at just how low your cost is.
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