Florida is a popular place to live. Many people move here each year in order to escape the cold, retire in peace, or simply to enjoy the beach year round. Despite the many different reasons for moving to this state, many of the people coming here have vehicles that they want to bring with them. Most people moving to Florida still think that they need to drive all of their vehicles here themselves. What they don’t know, however, is costing them money, time, and effort.

Car Shipping to Florida

There are many different car shipping companies out there today to handle the needs of people that need to move, but do not want to drive their cars. Instead, these companies load the vehicles up and drive them on the back of a truck. Owners save time, money, and the effort and stress that it takes to drive over a long distance. While some companies will only operate within a few specific states, most companies will include Florida as it is such a popular destination.

Getting Ready

Getting a car ready to be shipped does not take long. The first thing that you should remember is that the vehicle needs to be empty. Most Florida car shipping companies are not allowed to transport anything other than vehicles, so packing it full of your household goods is not a good idea. Make sure to document any damage that is already on the car, as well as the mileage on the car as well. Take pictures in order to retain proof.

Get the vehicle in to a trusted mechanic for a pre-transport inspection. This will assure both you and the car shipping company that the vehicle is safe and can be shipped without being a danger to the other vehicles that are being shipped with it. Make sure to provide a copy of this inspection to the Florida car shipping company when they come to pick up your car.

Do not fill the gas tank up before you load the car onto the trailer. Shipping your car will cost you according to the weight. Gas weighs a lot, so the lower the gas level is in the car, the lighter the car will be. This only stands to save you money. When the company gets to your house to pick up the vehicle, make sure to do a final walk around with the driver. Make sure that you have documented everything and provide a copy of this to the driver as well.

In Florida

Florida is a great place to live, and it will not take you long to settle in. Remember, the salty air in this state will play havoc on your vehicle’s paint job. If you can, try to keep the car in a garage once it is delivered to your new home by the Florida car shipping company. This will prolong the life of your paint job.

Once your car is brought to your home, you will have a certain number of days to report damage to the insurance company. Make sure to compare the state of your vehicle with the pictures that you took before transport. Take notes of everything as it may become important when you try to file a claim. When it is all said and done, moving to Florida can be one of the greatest experiences that you ever get to have, especially if you have your car shipped ahead of you.