Whenever you have to move due to employment reasons, family reasons or personal reasons it is a chaotic time. Assuming you are not driving your personal vehicle to the new location or if you have a second or even third family car, the last think you should be worrying about is whether your vehicles are going to be transported in a safe and timely manner. We all rely on our vehicles to transport us to work, school, grocery store and other venues. While many people are good at planning their overall move, they simply forget about or do not take the time to look into moving their vehicle.

Moving Companies for Vehicles

While there are national moving vehicle companies, a good place to start would be a local company. For instance if you lived in New York and were moving out of the area, you could do an Internet search for New York Car Shipping. Once you locate one or more companies that you would like to consider moving your vehicle, make sure to get firm quotes. This is a good way to utilize competition among the service providers that move cars to get the best service for the lowest price. Make sure to check out the shipping company with the Better Business Bureau. That bureau keeps a list of most companies and businesses in the country. They store information about any complaints relating to the company. They grade the companies similar to a school child, A-F. You want to make sure the company you are planning to hire has a good grade and low incidents of complaints.

More Time to Concentrate

Once you have your car shipping squared away you can focus on the main move which is for yourself and your family. There are of course really only two categories of moves. Across the country long distance moves and local moves. Moving companies generally consider a local move to be one within the same state. Regardless of which category your move qualifies, make sure you call for estimates. You will certainly find that both local and Long distance moving quotes will vary dramatically from company to company. Again, once you get firm quotes make sure to play each company off against the other for the lowest price. You are the consumer and it is your money. Don’t waste it by overpaying for services to move your furniture and household items.

Be Prepared

Regardless of whether you are making a local or long distance move, make sure to have everything well prepared in advance for the moving company. Label all boxes clearly. This way when they arrive at your front door, you will have everything labeled, organized and ready to pack. It will save you substantial time if you have planned in advance. Otherwise, you may find you have severe anxiety while the movers and you try to figure out what items to move in what order and when ready to unpack, what goes in which room.

Clean it Out

Keep in mind also that depending on how long you have resided in your home, you may have years of not only junk but also used items you simply do not need anymore. This is a good opportunity to sell or donate any items that are in good shape your gently used. Only take with you what you really want for the new home. You may even find some valuables among your possessions that you misplaced or simply forgot about. Make sure to get an appraisal on any dishware, vases, jewelry, pictures and furniture before selling them. Many a story has been published about people who purchased valuable items on the Internet or at a garage sale for pennies on the dollar because the seller simply did not know the value of their item. In addition to getting an appraisal it should go without saying that you need to go through pockets of all pants being donated. You should look into every drawer of all furniture being sold. You should make sure to search all items being sold or donated because you might have forgotten you hid some money or other valuables in them. Again, you don’t want to be short sighted just because you are moving and give away valuable property.