can help new and current Orlando residents find the ideal transport solution and save on vehicle shipping rates.
If you’re moving to Orlando, you’ll need to ensure that you have the right tools for relocation. Car shipping companies offer valuable benefits, but you need to know who to save on vehicle shipping rates. The cost of car shipping doesn’t have to be exorbitant, and you might just find that working with the right company can help you enjoy significant convenience, as well. What do you need to know?
Insurance Is a Costly Extra
You would never dream of having your car shipped to Orlando without insurance. Car shipping companies know that and will capitalize on it in most instances. However, you can save on vehicle shipping rates without sacrificing protection by talking to your insurance agent about coverage available. While it will most likely cost you an additional fee, it won’t be as much as what you’d spend by paying the shipping company. You might also find that your current insurance policy contains existing protection at no additional cost.
Drop Off and Pick Up Yourself
Some auto shipping companies in Orlando offer additional extras like curbside pickup and drop off. While that’s certainly convenient, you’ll find it comes with an additional charge. Only you can determine if that extra cost is really worth it. If you’re pressed for time and the costs don’t matter as much keeping to our schedule, then this might be a worthwhile option. For the rest of us, choosing to drop off our car and pick it up from the depot is the more affordable solution.
Don’t Break the Bank
One of the first things you’ll find when comparing transport companies and vehicle shipping rates is that most companies want to offer you lots of extras. It might be a protective wrap for your car, or it might be expedited transport. It might be a full cleaning before shipping, or fueling up your car before loading it up. While these can be nice extras, they’re costly ones. You can save a considerable bit of money by just saying no. If all you need is transport, don’t buy those expensive little extras.
Working with can help you find the best possible deal on vehicle shipping rates to or from Orlando. Get started today and see just how simple it is!