Michigan Auto Transport Companies

If you aren’t keen on driving your vehicle long distances or you simply don’t have the means to do so there are a variety of auto transport companies that operate out of Michigan. We’ve teamed up with some of the best auto transport companies around to offer competitive pricing, free shipping quotes, and reliable and safe delivery.

The Components of Shipping a Car to Michigan

Using TransportCompanies.com will help you not only understand what shipping a car will cost, but find the right company for your transport needs.
If you’re moving your family, business, or just your car to Michigan, you’re going to need to take every step possible to streamline the process. Moving can be hugely stressful, time consuming and frustrating, but having professional auto mover help will ease your burden considerably. While having a team of professional movers for your possessions is a great idea, you can also benefit from working with pros in shipping a car to the area. What are the components of the process?

Find the Right Carrier

The first step in shipping a car to Michigan is going to be finding the right company to work with. There are numerous car shipping firms out there, and they’re far from being the same. You need to do your due diligence here in order to ensure that you’re not only working with a quality company, but that you’re getting the right price. Compare different companies, look at customer feedback and find out what their reputation is like. Once you have several reputable firms lined up, start comparing their shipping rates.

Cleaning Your Car

Next on the list of prepping for shipping a car is to make sure your car is ready to go. While you don’t have to have it professionally detailed, you do need to make sure that you’ve taken all of your personal possessions out of the vehicle. The shipping company will make you sign a waiver absolving them of damage to or loss of any belongings in the car, so be smart and take them out ahead of time.


When the day arrives in Michigan, you’ll need to inspect the car in the presence of a company representative. This applies whether you’re dropping the car off at a shipping hub or having the company pick it up. Shipping a car requires that you pay close attention to detail and note any existing damage to the car on the company’s provided form. When you pick up your car at the other end of the line, you’ll need to do the same thing and note any damage that wasn’t present when you dropped it off.
Shipping a car doesn’t have to be a hassle, or a confusing process. TransportCompanies.com can help you get started on the right foot and ensure you have a professional company on your side.

Dependable Auto Transport Companies – Here in Michigan

While large auto shippers may operate all over the nation, Michigan is home to several smaller firms that get the job done. Support your local businesses by using a reliable and dependable Michigan auto shipper.

Michigan’s auto shippers use dependable, state-of-the-art car top carriers to ensure that your vehicle arrives at its destination unharmed and undamaged. That’s why we’ve partnered with the best Michigan auto transport companies- we know that you want reliability and the reassurance that your vehicle is being well cared for.

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Useful Auto Transport Informational Links

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