can provide you with the tools needed to choose between car shipping companies to get your luxury car safely to Pensacola.
Transporting luxury vehicles is a specialized process that requires great care and skill. Car shipping companies that do not specialize in providing luxury vehicle transport can cause very real headaches and hassles during your move, and you need to know what makes a good car shipper. Just because a company claims they offer white glove service doesn’t necessarily make them an industry leader. Follow these tips instead of listening to the hype.
Enclosed Shipping Is Vital
When it comes to car shipping companies, you have two primary choices in terms of transport – open carriers and enclosed carriers. Most shipping companies prefer open carriers because they allow them to load up more vehicles at one time (you’ve seen these – they’re the ones that deliver dozens of new vehicles to dealerships). However, open transport isn’t the best choice for a luxury vehicle. Cars loaded on these haulers are exposed to the elements throughout the entire journey, which can wreak havoc on an expensive vehicle.
Instead, make sure that the car shipping companies you’re considering on your move to Pensacola offer enclosed shipping. You’ll pay more for the service, but there is no better way to make sure that your vehicle is completely protected throughout the trip.
Full Service Shipping
Another important consideration when choosing quality car shipping companies is to make sure that they really do offer white glove service. Ensure that the company you choose will pick your vehicle up from your home and will deliver it safe and sound to your new home in Pensacola. This ensures that you don’t have to pick it up yourself or hire someone else to do it for you.
Take Out Protection
Finally, you need to make sure that you get the protection your vehicle deserves throughout the shipping process. Rather than buying the insurance offered by car shipping companies, take out your own protection through your current auto insurance provider. Chances are good it will provide more robust protection than anything available from the shipping company.
Working with is the best way to locate quality car shipping companies that specialize in luxury vehicle transport to the Pensacola area. Find out how simple it can be to choose a quality shipping company.