Finding cheap car shipping services that still offer quality, reliable service is easy when you use the tools available here at
Moving to Scranton doesn’t have to be as stressful and frustrating as you might think. You’ll find a wide range of professional services available to make life easier and even help take care of the physical moving itself. Whether you’re pressed for time or just don’t want to lift and carry heavy furniture and loads of boxes, there’s help out there. That includes help for getting your vehicles to the city. While you might be worried that car shipping will cost you a ton of money, cheap car shipping from reliable companies is available. You just need to know what to look for.
No Frills Service
When searching for cheap car shipping, one of the best ways to get quality transport is to find a company that offers no frills service. That doesn’t mean low-quality service, though. It simply means that you’ll want a company that offers shipping and nothing more. This is exactly what it sounds like – bare bones shipping with no unnecessary extras.
You might find that getting bare bones service requires you to opt out of things built into your contract. For instance, some companies include convenience services while others include insurance for your car. During your initial consultation with the company, find out what services can be opted out of to reduce your costs.
As mentioned, some car transport companies offer insurance. Whether it’s built into the contract or offered as an add-on service, you need to avoid paying for it. Cheap car shipping can be a reality, but you will need to buy your own insurance. Interestingly, your auto insurer probably has transport insurance available for a reasonable rate.
Drop It Off
Finally, to get cheap car shipping, you’ll want to avoid expensive luxuries like drop off and pickup services. Just take your car to the hub and then pick it up yourself when it arrives in Scranton. While it might be nice to have your car delivered, it will increase your costs substantially.
Using the features here at can help you find cheap car shipping from the most reliable auto transport companies in the country. You’ll be surprised at just how affordable and easy shipping your car to Scranton can truly be.