Five Questions to Ask Prospective Car Haulers

Getting car haulers to handle all of your car shipping needs is very important, but finding the right company for your specific needs can be difficult. There are tons of different companies out there, so it will be quite the task to dig through them and locate the one that you are going to hire. Regardless, you need to make sure that you put lots of time and effort into this process so that you can rest easy when you are done. The auto transport companies should always be up to date on licenses and certifications, and they should have a great reputation. Above that, they should be able to meet all of your needs throughout the move so that you do not have to scramble to cover any missed aspects. To this end, here are five questions that you should ask of any prospective car haulers so that you can locate the one for you easily.

  • What services do you offer? This is the most basic question that should always be asked first. You need to know what kinds of vehicle transport the company offers so you know if you should even bother continuing with your inquiry. Some car haulers offer closed shipping, which is enclosed and provides the highest level of protection for your vehicles. Other companies only offer open shipping, which is on the back of a large trailer on the back of a semi truck. Make sure that you know which you need, open versus enclosed shipping, before you contact these companies.
  • When can you pick my car up? Unlike moving companies that offer specific dates and times for their services, most car haulers have a flexible date and time system that you must agree with in order to hire them. What they will do is give you a date and time range for when they will be there to pick your vehicle up. If you need a specific date, some companies will schedule specifics for a fee, or offer the ability to drop off or store your vehicle at their shipping hub. Either way, make sure that they system meets your needs according to your moving checklist.
  • When will the car arrive? Much like the previous question, you need to realize that car haulers rarely offer specific dates and times. Instead, you can opt for a range of dates, or you can simply have your vehicle stored at their hub near you new home for a fee. This will allow you to pick the vehicle up when you arrive in the town so that you don’t have to rush and get there before everything else is taken care of. Be sure to set this up ahead of time, however, as you will be charged even more if they attempt delivery when you are not there.
  • What protection do you offer? Most car haulers offer some kind of protection, but it only will cover certain things. Most of the time, this protection extends to only things that they have control of and were negligent for, and not any accidents that might happen while they are in transit. Make sure that you ask, however, so that you can set up protection in the form of an moving insurance policy before you release the vehicle to them for their services.
  • What are the shipping requirements? This is important to know, since you will be responsible for fulfilling these requirements before you will be allowed to release your vehicle to the car haulers. Usually, these requirements will consist of an inspection and filling out a sheet of paper that allows you to note any current damage or upgrades that you might have made to the vehicle. Make sure that you take pictures as well, as any proof of damage that occurs along the route will make any claims you need to make easier and quicker.

Regardless of where you are moving your vehicle to, keep these questions in mind. Make sure that you research the companies in your area and ask any that you are interested in these five important questions. Other than comparing prices, these questions will give you all of the information that you need to make an informed choice between the car haulers on your list.