There are more and more auto transport trucks on the highways these days. No matter how long you drive on the highway, you are bound to see at least one of these trucks go by. Why are there so many trucks like these on the roads today? Simple! Auto transport has become the most popular way to send a vehicle from one place to another. From the benefits to the simplicity of the process, car transport is only growing in popularity. From people who are purchasing or selling vehicles online, to those who simply need to move their car from one place to another; this service has filled an ever growing need throughout the nation. Planning on using such a service in the near future? Here are some of the basics that you should know before you send your vehicle on its way.

What is Car Shipping?

Car shipping is a simple concept. Much like you would ship a package, shipping a car is now something that you can easily do. Though there are a few extra steps that you might have to take to complete the process, this service is nothing more than the postal service for vehicles. Quite simply, you release the vehicle to the company, who then loads it on a large transport truck. Once the vehicle is loaded, the transport truck will take it to the destination that is specified on the paperwork. Once the vehicle arrives, it is unloaded and signed over to the new owner, recipient, or you at the other end of the move. Thus, the auto is taken from one place and mailed to another.

The Extra Steps

Unlike the normal postal service, this kind of transport is something that takes a little bit of extra work. First, you will have to get an inspection to make sure that the vehicle is worthy of being transported to another place. If there are leaks or other problems, the vehicle might not be safe enough to transport with the other vehicles that will be on the tractor trailer. An inspection is required to maintain safe conditions for the driver and the other automobiles on the truck. You will also be required to document any damage that the vehicle currently has. This will keep the insurance premiums low for the company and allow you to make any claims without the hassle. Keep this in mind and consider going all out with pictures when you accomplish this step.

Many Benefits

There are many benefits involved in the shipment of vehicles using these kinds of cheap car shipping services. Consider the fact that you will not have to drive your vehicles from one place to another. For companies, it is a huge money saver when you consider the shipment of an entire vehicle fleet. For regular families, transporting a vehicle to a new home or selling a vehicle online can make all the difference in the world. Not only do you save on miles, but you don’t have to worry about long hours spent cooped up in a small car while you drive it to your new home. Have multiple cars? The service can prevent multiple trips as well. In the end, vehicle transport services are new, but they are becoming some of the most popular moving related services in the industry.