can help you find expert service, reasonable auto shipping rates and build in convenience during your relocation.
Austin is a wonderful place to live, work and play. If you’ll be heading to town as a new resident, congratulations are in order – three’s a lot to love here. You’ll also be in need of some important information, like how to make your relocation simpler and easier. One key to a successful move is using the right car shipping company and understanding how auto shipping rates impact both your wallet and your peace of mind.
Protection Equals Security
One of the first concerns on your mind is going to be how safe your vehicle will be during shipping. That makes a lot of sense – your car is a huge investment, and you want to protect it. Thankfully, car shipping companies offer a variety of ways to protect vehicles, though your auto shipping rates will go up.
What protection is on offer? The most common form is to use a covered trailer. This ensures that dust, dirt, debris, wind, rain and sunshine don’t affect your vehicle. If you have an expensive or vintage car, this is an essential consideration. Even if your car isn’t particularly high-end and you just want to make sure it stays in good condition, covered haulers can be good solutions.
Pickup and Arrival
Another important area to understand here is the date of pickup and arrival for your vehicle and how the company lets you address those needs. The basic scenario (and the one with the lowest auto shipping rates) is to drive down to the regional hub and drop off your car. Then, you’ll have to go and pick it up from the Austin hub once it arrives in town. However, that can be inconvenient for some people.
If that’s the case for you, ask if the auto carrier you’re using offers door to door service. The company will actually pick your car up from your home and deliver it right to your new home in Austin. While it’s more expensive, the amount of time you save here is impressive.
Finding the right company and the best auto shipping rates is not a simple, straightforward process and you need to ensure that you research any company you consider using. makes doing that as easy as possible so you can make an informed choice immediately.