specializes in helping you make informed, wise decisions to save on vehicle shipping rates no matter where you’re moving.
It’s no secret that auto shipping services can save you a ton of hassle and stress. However, they can also be pretty expensive. What you might not know is that there are ways to save on vehicle shipping rates without subjecting yourself to low quality service or omitting this helpful tool altogether. Below, you’ll find some important information to help you understand where you can save when working with shipping companies to get your car to San Fernando, California.
Whole Hog
If you’re one of those people who loves red carpet treatment, you might have to restrain yourself when it comes to auto shipping. Vehicle shipping rates climb considerably when you start tacking on convenience services. For instance, vacuuming and washing services are nice, but they’re really not needed. In addition, pickup and delivery services can be handy, but again, they’re really not necessary. The best rule of thumb to follow here is that if you can live without the service, do so. Your bank account will be healthier for it.
Not Shopping Around
One way that people often end up paying higher vehicle shipping rates than they necessarily have to is choosing the first shipping company they come across. While you’re certainly going to be pressed for time here, there’s no need to cut out research. By comparing different companies, you can determine what is “average” for shipping to San Fernando from your area and avoid high priced companies that aren’t in line with the rest of the industry.
Go Open
Yet another way that customers often overpay in vehicle shipping rates is by choosing enclosed vehicle shipping. While this is an excellent option when protecting your vehicle is important (think luxury vehicles or rare cars), it’s really not necessary for the average car, truck or minivan. A good wash and wax after delivery will take care of dust and dirt, and you can save by avoiding the expense of enclosed car carriers. Open carriers are just as capable of getting your car from point A to point B, and you’ll pay far less. can help you make an informed choice in shipping providers and ensure that you get the most affordable vehicle shipping rates possible from a quality provider.