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Atlanta might not be renowned as an educational center, but there are plenty of great schools in the area. Georgia Tech, Georgia State and the University of Georgia are just three of the top ranked schools in the area. If you’ll be moving to the city to attend school, you’re going to have a lot on your plate, including getting your car to town safe and sound. You can ship a vehicle and save money, as well as ensuring that you don’t waste time.

Speed Is of the Essence
If you’re moving to Atlanta for school, it’s important that you get to town quickly so you can get settled down. Speed is of the essence here, particularly if you’ll be living on campus. Rooms aren’t generally assigned until the new school year is about to begin, and you need to make sure that you have plenty of time to get settled into your new home and learn the lay of the land before classes start. You can ship a vehicle and then fly down yourself, ensuring that you have the most time possible to get adjusted to your new living environs.

Take the Load Off
Another reason to ship a vehicle is to lighten your stress load. New students are under heavy pressure. Not only do they have to adjust to a new living environment, but they have worries about classes, fears about being on their own for the first time ever and worries about being able to be an independent adult. Adding the need to drive to town just increases stress. You can ship your vehicle to Atlanta and lighten that stress load, allowing you to adjust mentally to the new changes in your life.

Saving Money
Finally, college students aren’t synonymous with healthy bank accounts. Living on ramen noodles is not a euphemism – students need to make the most of every penny. You might think that the decision to ship a vehicle is going to cost more than driving, but you might be surprised at just how much money you actually save over having to put gas in the car and pay for hotel rooms along the way. gives college students and parents the tools needed to compare shipping companies and save.