There are numerous reasons why it might be much better to transport your vehicle to a new location instead of driving it there on your own. Auto transport services provide a more cost-effective solution and added convenience by allowing you to ship your vehicle to its new destination. The following six scenarios detail why it might be a better option to use a transport service to relocate your vehicle.

1. Moving

If you have recently found out you need to transfer your job, have been reassigned in the military, or just want to move, you might want to consider relocating your vehicles using an auto transport company bid from Moving is never fun, and the thoughts of a long string of moving vans and family cars traveling down the freeway never seems like a good idea. As an alternative, consider hiring a car shipping service to relocate your vehicles while you fly cross-country and meet your car at your new home.

2. Taking your car on Vacation

Whether you are vacationing in Florida, Arizona, Hawaii, California or other sunny area, or simply like to spend the winters in warm climate, consider shipping your car there for the season, using auto transport services.

3. Buying Classic or Antique Cars

Moving a collection of classic and antique cars from one end of the country to the other requires special handling, and an enclosed environment to keep the vehicle from the external elements. Enclosed auto transport containers are available to completely encase your expensive vehicles, and keep them away from rain, snow, and flying debris on the freeway.

4. Dealer Relocation

Many automotive dealerships use auto shipping when they need one or more vehicles shipped from one dealership to another. This efficient and safe mode of transportation allows them to maintain their inventory without hiring expensive drivers to move expensive vehicles.

5. Sending your student away to College

Typically, college students will have old, worn-out vehicles at home, but still need to go to work while away at college. Transporting their older model cars on an car carrier is a simple solution to give them a set of wheels while away school.

6. Buying Automobiles Long Distance

If you purchase vehicles online, or at nationwide auctions, you will find an easy solution for getting your new purchases delivered directly to your home. You can receive a low rate car shipping quote on any type of vehicle you purchased online or at auction, and have it professionally relocated to you.

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